About Us

The Exchange is a secure and easy to use trading platform for Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptocurrenices, interfaced to a number of national fiat currencies.

As a digital asset exchange, Authentrade’s primary focus is on providing access to cryptocurrencies in emerging markets. We provide a high-frequency trading platform utilizing military-grade security and an easy-to-use trading interface that bridges digital and legacy currency markets by enabling individuals and businesses to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, along with digital and fiat currencies.


Our service prides itself on providing the highest levels of access, security, customer service, transparency and accountability. Supported by a distributed team of financial experts, IT network security engineers, cryptographers, software developers, and banking relationships around the world, Our service aims to become one of the leading Bitcoin Exchanges for international traders.

Our Team


Our trading platform has been designed from the ground up with security as our primary focus. Advanced intrusion-detection and monitoring, multi-factor authentication and multi-signature escrow have been included to enable safe and secure Bitcoin and crypto-currency transactions. In addition, all transactions are processed via an advanced, machine-learning fraud detection algorithm which examines such variables as account trading and withdrawal history in order to assign a risk score to each transaction. At low risk levels, standard two factor and email confirmation rules apply; at higher risk levels the server would flag transactions to be subjected to additional scrutiny. This may include additional verifications (e.g. voice verification) or additional time delays for withdrawals.


Our system is KYC/AML compliant, providing regulators and customers with peace of mind knowing that all deposits have been verified through globally-accepted banking standards.


Multiple platforms, multiple customers


Our goal is to build, acquire, and connect multiple technologies to offer individuals and businesses a compelling suite of Bitcoin-related products and services for trading and payments.


Imagine A Payment System That Makes You Money


Own Your Own Crypto Kiosk

Owning your own Crypto Kiosk draws customers, can generate huge monthly income and provides solutions to your merchant and payment problems. This new age blockchain based system turns costs and liabilities into profits and assets, immediately!

Our Products

You can have a CryptoExchange Kiosk delivered in a few short weeks. 


Owning your own Crypto Exchange Kiosk gives you and your customers instant payment power in and out.  



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