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How to Choose the Best Country for VPN Connection?

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Do you use a VPN to protect yourself and stay anonymous? If yes, you probably understand what benefits a good VPN service gives to users. One of its features is the choice of the country with the server location to be connected to. You will agree that the choice of the server location is usually accidental and users do not pay much attention to it. However, you should know that every country has its own security legislation and in some of them, you can feel much more protected than in others. What should you do then?

Look: it is necessary to learn how to select the best country for VPN and which states are considered to be the most trusted.

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What are the best countries to connect to using a VPN?

One of the main reasons why people use VPN services is a desire to prevent being tracked and protect sensitive data they enter visiting different websites. When you choose a VPN service, not all of them have a feature that lets choose the country of the server location. Only the most reliable services offer this function and it is necessary to know how to use it to your own benefit.

Naturally, there are states where security laws are treated very seriously and they pay much attention and develop legislation to protect their citizens. Each of them can be called the best country for VPN, though you should also understand what content you want to access too. This top includes the most reliable and secure countries with VPN servers.


Everyone has heard of reliable banks located in Switzerland, but could you think this is also the best VPN country? The main reasons why this country takes leading positions in many aspects are explained by the following facts:

All these features and the law called the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) says about the safety of this country. Moreover, Switzerland approved unauthorized sharing of files in 2011 and allowed its citizens to download copyright content without any restrictions. As a result, it became a number-one country to select for VPN and such examples of popular service as ProtonVPN, VyprVPN, Perfect Privacy VPN locate their servers there.


The main reason why so many VPNs try to locate their servers in Iceland is cheaper energy produced thanks to wind power. Moreover, the country has introduced its European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act, and the 2015 Equal Access Act to regulate the industry, so its citizens are definitely protected when they access the Internet.

The country can boast a very high percentage of Freedom of Speech that is 94 out of 100 and is not the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance Member. The country is famous for its fairness and does not hurry to join any international jurisdiction alliances too. It makes Iceland a top country to choose for VPN and such great services as PureVPN, Surfshark, OpenVPN have servers there.


Despite being a member of the EU, Romania is not a 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance Member and the freedom of Speech rate is quite high there too – 83 out of 100. The country has the GDPR – its main data privacy law. Moreover, it is the only state in the EU that has not approved its Data Retention Directive and revoked it in the highest courts as one that violates the rights of Romanian citizens. In accordance with the laws, it is possible to process or transfer user personal data only after notifying the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (the “DPA”) and getting a confirmation from it. Therefore, this country can be considered the best VPN server location too. There are even several VPNs located in Romania including CyberGhost VPN, ibVPN, and VPN.AC.


It is difficult to imagine that Malaysia can be considered a country that protects user information as well as others, but the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Act in 2010 has changed this opinion greatly. The law features 7 important points aimed at the protection of personal data and preventing it from sharing with 3rd parties. People who are not compliant with this law get a penalty between RM100k to 500k and 1 to 3 years of jail. Moreover, this law applies to all companies operating on the territory of the country, so every user of VPN service registered it is absolutely protected. Hide.Me VPN is among them, by the way.


You may say that Spain is a state that complies with the EU’s GDPR, but it is not the main law that protects personal data. It has its own Spanish organic law on data protection (Organic Law 3/2018) that includes some considerable derogations from the GDPR. It also has created a national data protection agency that is responsible for handling complaints connected with sensitive data breaches. Its rules on copyright are quite liberal, so pirates are punished only for getting profit for files downloaded via BitTorrent.

How to pick the best country for VPN anonymity

The choice of the optimal location of the VPN server depends also on the needs of users. Some services can boast dozens of servers spread all over the globe, so it is not surprising that users are puzzled about which one to choose. However, their goals can help them with the choice too.

  1. Access to content like movies, TV shows, etc.

    There is online content that is available only for citizens of a certain country. When a person located in another country tries to access it, he sees a denied access or an error. However, VPN allows opening access to this content, but a user should select servers located in the same country. If you want to watch Netflix, it can be the USA, why Bollywood movies and series require connection to the server located in India.

  2. Bypassing censorship

    Residents of Asia and the Middle East may not have access to popular social networks, while Ukrainians can’t access many Russian platforms. However, it is possible to bypass the Restrictions choosing any country where your online destination is allowed.

  3. Getting a secure and private connection

    In this case, it is necessary to focus on the list of states with the strictest data protection laws described above.

  4. Getting high download speeds

    It is possible to improve the downloading speed choosing a server located in the country that is closer to your current location. Some services also offer speed tests to choose the best country.


VPN is a great service to feel confident, be secure, and confidential as well as get access to websites and content that is restricted in your place of living. Many users ask a question about which country is the best when you have a choice of servers and in fact, the answer depends on your goals. If you look for security and privacy, these 5 cup tries will meet your expectations, but in other situations, you should make the choice individually regarding your personal needs.

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