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How to Pay Using a Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin Mixer

Have you ever wished to process a payment and stay anonymous to the recipient? With Bitcoin Mixer, it has become a reality. Despite the fact that Bitcoin transactions are called confidential, this so-called ‘privacy’ can be easily broken. Therefore, it has become a necessity to mix crypto coins and pay using a tumbler if you want to make a payment and stay anonymous. You will agree that it may be tiresome to mix Bitcoin at first, and then send digital funds to the recipient.

Look: this article will shed light on how to pay for goods and services using a tumbler fast and easily.

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Why You Need to Pay Using a Bitcoin Tumbler

Unfortunately, blockchain transactions which are called anonymous are far from being so in reality. First of all, their history is recorded by the Blockchain so every person can look through the history of transactions made from one wallet. Moreover, when a person pays for goods and services with Bitcoin and then provides his name and address for the delivery of the purchase, there is nothing difficult to connect the wallet address with personal information of the recipient. Even mining or purchasing coins from the exchange can be associated with the computer IP used.

It goes without saying that even an amateur can find out the owner of the wallet and learn what transactions have been performed through it. And this is only one of the methods mentioned, though there are many of them.
However, the use of the cryptocurrency tumbler allows users to keep that wanted confidentiality and get the following benefits:

In fact, the most important thing guaranteed by a crypto mixer is 100% confidentiality and inability to connect a sender and a recipient of funds. The reason for that is services provided by a mixing platform. The last one has a pool of Bitcoins collected from other users and ones owned by the company, so when you send your coins to tumble them, they are mixed with other coins and return to the holder in some period of time. It is not only the way to lose trace of t the coins but also clean them from being tinted.

How to Pay Using a Tumbler

There are two ways how to mix coins and pay in a safe and fast manner. It is possible to select one of the tumble services operating online or turn to peer-to-peer (P2P) mixing platforms. Both methods provide a similar effect but work in a different way. On P2P platforms, users mix Bitcoins with each other, while the pool of tumblers of mixing companies is much larger and contains not only coins of other users but also ones owned by the platform. In both cases, the mixing process looks similar, but the first thing every person should do is to create a crypto wallet and get Bitcoins there. It is possible to do that on multiple platforms and even some exchanges. The first Bitcoin can be mined, purchased, or even won and be delivered to your address.

One more point to mention is the final destination to deliver clean coins. If you donate or pay for anything via a tumbler, you have an address where BitCoin should arrive after mixing. However, if you plan to spend coins later and just to store clean coins, you will need to create another wallet different from the one you will send funds from. Only then you can start a mixing process!

  1. Select the platform
    There are dozens of online services which offer mixing services to clients. Usually, they take a minimum commission of 1-3% if it is not a peer-to-peer one where funds are mixed on an agreement between the participants. Experts advise choosing trusted platforms which have confirmed their reputability.
  2. Register an account (if necessary)
    There are mixing services which require users to register an account on the platform, while some companies skip this stage to guarantee a higher level of privacy – no any personal data required.
  3. Deposit funds
    On most platforms, it is necessary to deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin to tumble and only then start the process. As soon as you press the ‘Deposit’ button, you will be redirected to your wallet where you need to confirm the transaction (up to 6 times usually).
  4. Enter the amount
    When coins land your mixer account, you can start mixing them. It is possible to tumble the total amount or enter the figure to start being mixed at the moment.
  5. Choose how to have coins mixed (optional)
    Some tumbler platforms suggest their users selecting the way to mix their coins. It is possible to choose several addresses, the pool of users only, the pool of the coins owned by the platform only, or their combinations.
  6. Set the time of delay
    There is no sense in mixing coins if you do not ready to wait for some time while the process is completed. Experts advise waiting at least for an hour, but a random time is 6 hours. The maximum delay must be up to several days. This pause is required for losing a trace of your funds and the longer the delay, the higher level of anonymity is achieved.
  7. Send coins to the address(es) generated
    If you use a service where there is no account and you have not deposited anything, it will ask you to transfer funds to the address generated. Usually, such platforms ask for the recipient’s address too since coins are mixed for a certain period of time and are immediately delivered to the final address after the process is completed. There is no need to withdraw them manually.
  8. Download the Letter of Guarantee
    Most of the services provide users with a guarantee that they have accepted Bitcoin from them and this amount will be paid back to the wallet address provided.
  9. Withdraw funds (if necessary)
    If coins are not delivered to the final destination automatically by the platform, it is necessary to withdraw funds from the account. For this purpose, a user should press the corresponding button and enter the address of the recipient.
  10. Wait for arrival of clean coins
    The main difficulty faced by coin holders is to wait for several hours of delay until clean untraceable Bitcoin arrives to the final address.

More Tips on Staying Anonymous When Tumbling Bitcoin

If you want to ensure that even your way to the mixing platform or the process of buying coins was impossible to trace too, there are several tips to consider how to enhance the level of confidentiality.

  1. Open the wallet and make all the transactions using the Tor browser.
  2. Restart your computer each time you deal with your wallet.
  3. Store your coins in hardware wallets instead of online ones.
  4. Use a hardened live operating system like TAILS.
  5. Delete notes after you complete mixing.
  6. Distribute clean coins within several wallets on different platforms.
  7. Create a new wallet for every mixing process.
  8. Disable JavaScript since it is used for identifying a browser or delivering downloads which may contain malware.
  9. Check onion links twice to avoid forgery.


Mixing is a process which is very easy to perform and which costs a little but guarantees anonymity and confidence in your transactions. It does not take much time to create additional wallets and send coins to the tumbler but the effect you get will meet all your expectations.

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