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7 Best Apps to Spy on iPhone in 2021

With the advent of the information age, our gadgets can be compared to a castle. I mean the castle that figures in a set expression “A man’s home is his castle”, by the way. You may wonder why I have used such a comparison. I will explain.

A lot of people treat their devices as real treasures and keep their personal information under lock and key like in the chambers of secrets.

In turn, family members, especially husbands and wives strive for rummaging in this data. Basically, they justify their wish the following way: “All we have is common. We shouldn’t have any secrets from each other!” However, it happens quite often when a spouse is not ready to compromise and fiercely defends his personal space. And at this moment, spyware apps step to the stage. The desire to be aware of spouse’s affairs often carries us away and we find ourselves turning into true detectives. A true detective needs great tools. There are so many apps to spy on gadgets at present, that’s why I decided to make an overview of the best ones to make it easier to choose. Let’s get acquainted today with advanced apps to spy on iPhone to finally take your spouse’s castle under control.

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What can you monitor using iPhone spy apps?

iPhone spy apps features

Most iOS spy apps have a similar set of functions. One tool usually has all of the features you can potentially need. Take a look at the data that will be available for monitoring if you start using one of the apps.

Among additional features, there is access to notes, Wi-Fi History, SIM Card Tracker, bookmarks, password, and keylogger.

It’s worth mentioning that most apps allow you to track the activities in real-time.

The main purpose of these tools is parental control, monitoring the work process of employees, and tracking your smartphones. But let’s be honest. They are often used to spy on spouses’ iPhones remotely as well.

No matter what your intention is, be sensible and don’t overstep.

Top 7 spyware apps for iPhone

spy apps for iPhone

Here is our handpicked list of the best spy monitoring software for the iPhone.


No matter whether you want to keep an eye on your employees, kids, or other family members, TTSPY is a great option. It’s one of the advanced apps to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking. In the world of services, this is already a hygienic standard, but I will mention it anyway. TTSPY is super-fast, easy to use, and has an intuitive interface. You just need to sign up online, validate the iCloud account, and get started spying on a target device via the TTSPY dashboard.

Features of TTSPY:



Price: $49.99/monthly

Compatibility: iOS 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x


FlexiSPY is one of those software apps to clear your doubts and take anyone’s iPhone under control. No matter where you are, all the data from the targeted smartphone will be available on your computer or mobile device. FlexiSPY is a powerful tool that will help you know everything that is going on in your child’s, spouse’s, or employee’s cell phones. The set of features within FlexiSPY depends on the tariff plan you choose. Besides the most obvious features like tracking messages on the most popular social media (Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Tinder, etc.), call logs, and access to photos, videos, and audio, there are some unique features within FlexiSPY. Let’s see.

Exclusive features of FlexiSPY:



Compatibility: iOS 6.0 – 14.x


Cocospy is the tool that will help you spy on iPhone remotely and discreetly. Its set of the most needed features for monitoring will make you choose this app and stop searching for another option. Take three steps to start monitoring with Cocospy: sign up for the app using an email ID, enter the iCloud details of the target device, and log into your account from any browser.

Features of Cocospy:



Compatibility: all Apple devices running iOS 7 and up


This is one of the most trusted, genuine, and free undetectable spy apps. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and just a great tool to catch a cheater. MobileSpyFree offers a wide range of features to spy like a pro. No exaggerations!

Features of MobileSpyFree:



Get to know all the installation details here.

Compatibility: all iPhones


If you haven’t found a perfect match yet, PhoneSpector can boldly struggle for your attention. Just look at its features and advantages, and you will understand why I have said so.

Features of PhoneSpector:



Compatibility: all iOS versions


This app is considered one of the top ones among iOS spy apps. The developers of XNSPY say that it always runs smoothly and in complete stealth mode. Another thing that can convince you of choosing this app is a huge set of features you won’t be able to pass by.

Features of XNSPY:



Compatibility: works with iOS 6 and above devices if we are talking about XNSPY no-jailbreak

Spymaster Pro

Last but not least on our list is Spymaster Pro. This app may be used as a spouse tracker, parental control software, or an employee monitor tool. It is an effective and advanced mobile spy software to suit any needs.

Features of Spymaster Pro:



Frequently Asked Questions

spy on iPhone

I have compiled the potentially interesting questions for you, and have answered them below.

Is it true that iPhone spy apps are undetectable?

Basically, spy apps are made to be undetectable. The word “spy” itself encapsulates the meaning “to monitor secretly”. If this software is easily revealed, it won’t make sense. However, sometimes it’s necessary to hide the software icon from the main screen at the stage of configuration to be exactly undetectable. You should also know that these spy apps do not appear in the list of downloaded applications in the App Store or iPhone settings.

How can I tell that someone is monitoring my iPhone?

Despite the fact that spy apps are difficult to detect, there are some signs that help you tell that someone is keeping an eye on your iPhone.

Can I spy on an iPhone without installing any applications?

Yes, you can. As I have already mentioned, some spy apps just require the Apple ID credentials of the target phone to start monitoring it. It means that you don’t need physical access to the smartphone and don’t have to install any apps.

Let’s not forget the good old way of monitoring any gadget manually. You just need to choose the right moment (when your spouse or child is sleeping or taking a shower) and check everything you need. This method won’t work for monitoring employees but it can suit when you strive for taking your family members’ smartphones under control.


Having read this article, you have become a little smarter on iPhone spying issues. The range of suitable apps for gadgets monitoring is so wide, that’s why we have selected the best ones in our opinion. Spy on iPhone without jailbreak and stay on top of your employees’, kids’, and/or spouse’s affairs. We don’t support any spying unless you have the permission of the other individual. However, this is always you who makes the final decision.

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