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How to Tumble Bitcoins Online

Bitcoin Mixer
Do you still believe that crypto transactions conducted via blockchain are anonymous?

It has already become a well-known fact that every person can easily access blockchain since it is public and trace any transaction.

Having become aware of this fact many crypto holders started thinking about how to secure themselves and began to use mixing services. Known in the crypto world as tumbling, mixing, laundering or scrambling, this process allows eliminating traceability of every crypto coin sent or received.

No wonder that one of the most popular questions among beginner crypto owners is how to tumble Bitcoins they have.

You will agree that privacy does matter when it comes to funds, especially if to consider that mixing is a simple and affordable process.

Look: this article will tell you how to tumble Bitcoins online, focus on why it is important to do that, and offer efficient mixing solutions and tips to make the most of the process.

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Is Bitcoin Tumbling Necessary?

It is not a secret that thousands of websites are attacked and hacked on a daily basis. Most of these attacks are made with the goal to steal other people’s or company’s funds or valuable information. Therefore, modern digital and electronic wallets and payment systems improve the level of protection on their platforms regularly. Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also funds, they are under constant threat and there used to be several examples in history when huge amounts of crypto coins were stolen.

Naturally, crypto transactions are ones of the most secure and irreversible but their traceability makes it possible to get other important personal details that can be used against a crypto holder. Purchases made with cryptocurrency may lead to the reveal of name, surname, address. Moreover, a public character of blockchain makes it possible to understand what transactions were made from or to one wallet, follow their frequency, etc. It is especially astonishing for people who want to hide their investment history like visiting gambling platforms, for example. One more important point to consider is the fact that there are tinted Bitcoins that can be not accepted by large exchanges and it can be a problem for a crypto holder. However, if you use the services of a scrambler, you get a number of benefits:

As you can see, tumbling seems to be a necessity if you own cryptocurrency and use it for different online transactions, so it is time to understand how this process looks like in detail.

How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Mixer

The process that is often called Bitcoin mixing, shuffling, or tumbling usually takes place on the special platforms created for this purpose. Most often, these are services that have their own pool of coins and attract other user coins to create more opportunities for clients to receive new clean coins. In fact, this process may be compared with a lottery where all the tickets are placed to one wheel, mixed there, and a person receives several new tickets back. The chances to get your own Bitcoins back are very low while these pools are usually enormous and some services even mark client’s coins to prevent they’ve come back. Moreover, all the scrambler websites offer customers to choose a delay time to mix their coins for a longer period of time and decrease chances of their traceability – it is considered that the longer your coins are tumbled, the more anonymous they get.

If you want to use a tumbler, you should have a digital wallet with a certain amount of coins, have minimum experience in making crypto transactions and create one or several new wallets to get untinted coins after mixing. Moreover, you should understand that mixing is not free, so you will pay a certain fee from your amount for the services provided (usually, it is very low).

How to Tumble Your Bitcoins Online

It goes without saying that every service has its own unique way of ordering laundering services but in most cases, it looks similar but with minor differences. To get started, experts recommend to install a VPN service or Tor browser and complete all the stages there for better privacy. Since most of the modern tumblers are web-based services, you need to select a trusted and reliable platform (you can find tips on how to do that lower) and only then go to its website.

When tumblers were only appearing, most of them required registration and providing certain personal details like email, username, password, but now it is possible to find a variety of services that skip all these peculiarities and guarantee anonymity during the transaction. In fact, it is absolutely safe to use tumblers with registration since most of the services delete all the history of the transactions in a certain period of time (usually about a week).

If you have set up a Bitcoin wallet on one of the exchanges or blockchain as well as created one or several destination wallets to send your clean coins too, you can start the mixing process following these steps:

  1. Register an account on the platform (if necessary) and log it in
  2. Start the process pressing a corresponding button
  3. Most of the services make it a focal point of the landing page or you can find it in the upper part of the page in the navigation menu. These buttons are usually called ‘Start Mixing’, ‘Mix Bitcoins’, ‘Tumble Now’ or something like this.

  4. Provide necessary details

    There are three most important fields to fill out during this stage:

    • Address/ addresses of the wallet(s) to receive your tumbled coins;
    • Delay time (from instant to 72 hours);
    • Amount to launder.

    Some services support only one destination address, while there are websites where you can enter up to 10 wallet addresses. Though you should be aware of the fact that a service can take additional fees for using extra wallets, so check the terms and conditions before you start. Moreover, some websites allow choosing the number of coins to send to every wallet while others divide the sum into equal parts. One more important point is the amount – some platforms do not ask about it and take their fee from it, so you should consider this fact. Other websites let their clients know how many coins they will receive to their wallets after tumbling when they enter the amount.

  5. Send/Deposit your coins to the address generated

    Some scrambler platforms let their clients start the mixing process only after they deposit funds to their accounts on the platform. Other services generate an address to send Bitcoins to after you have initiated the process. It means that you should enter your Bitcoin wallet and make a transaction to the address provided.

  6. Get your Mix ID or mixing guarantee (optional)

    Some services allow their users to follow the status of the mixing process providing them with a Mix ID or doing that through the website account selecting a necessary section on the menu. This information is important to copy or write down to provide it to customer support if you face any troubles with your mixing process.

  7. Wait for a certain period of time and get your clean coins to the address(es) provided

    It usually takes several minutes in addition to the delay time selected to complete the process.

Popular Mixing Services

Bitcoin tumble is no longer a new process so there are mixing services that have cleaned coins for several years already. Naturally, many new platforms appear every day, but it is important not to get into a scam too. When it comes to the most popular mixing services, it is worth mentioning the following ones:



Crypto Mixer

Cryptomixer homepage

Anonymous Wallets

One of the ways to get privacy paying with Bitcoin is to use anonymous wallets. Some of these wallets available only for mobile users (e.g. Samourai Wallet), while there are private wallets both for desktop users (e.g. Wasabi Wallet) and web users (e.g. Guardia Wallet, Rahakott Wallet). One more way to secure your funds and transactions is to use hardware wallets that generate new addresses each time you want to pay for anything.

Why have we added anonymous wallets to the article devoted to tumbling? The main reason for that is the fact that son anonymous wallets have a built-in tumbling feature. It means that you can enter the menu of your account and choose a mixing feature there. Every wallet has a list of its own trusted mixers and you can choose one of them to complete the transaction.

CoinJoin Technology

One more way to secure your crypto savings is CoinJoin technology. Next to other privacy techniques as TumbleBit, Coin Control, it helps to achieve the privacy of your crypto transactions and make them impossible to trace.

CoinJoin is a payment method when several senders combine their Bitcoin payments into a single transaction to make it more complicated for others to track funds sent by every spender to every recipient. Every sender should sign a transaction and it will mean that he or she agrees with it. This transaction is valid and will take place only when all the participants add their signatures. It is possible to attract other users to the transactions using this method and by doing this not only increase your privacy but also pay lower fees sharing it with others. Such transactions are indistinguishable from other ones and they have existed since the introduction of Bitcoin that speaks about their reliability. At the same time, the privacy level you get during them increases proportionally to the number of participants. If you pair up with someone, don’t count on 100% anonymity.

How Many Bitcoins You Can Tumble? Is There a Minimum?

Naturally, every service that offers to tumble Bitcoin has a minimum amount accepted. In most cases, it is 0.0001BTC though there are examples of platforms that may accept lower sums too. If a user sends an amount lower than the minimum accepted by the platform, it will be probably accepted as a donation.

When it comes to maximum amounts, it also depends on the platform you use. Some services set the maximum amount per transaction or per day, month, year, while there are mixing platforms where you are not limited in any way.

How Much Does it Cost to Tumble Bitcoins

In fact, it is quite affordable to mix cryptocurrency and the main thing to remember by every person is the fact that the fee is taken from the funds you sent to the service, so you do not need to pay anything extra or separately. Moreover, sometimes in addition to the service fee (for mixing), it is necessary to pay the transaction fee and additional funds per every additional recipient’s address. Most of the companies take a certain percentage from the total amount for their services, though there are platforms that have a standard fee per every transaction too.

How Long Does it Take to Tumble Bitcoins

In fact, the time spent on Bitcoin mixing depends directly on the user who selects a delay time. Naturally, it takes several minutes (sometimes up to half an hour) to complete an instant laundry, but this function is supported not by all services. Usually, most of the experts recommend selecting a longer time delay that can reach up to 72 hours on some platforms to achieve a higher level of privacy. It means that a user can wait for the arrival of his funds a bit more than 3 days if he prefers such a delay. Of course, some time is required to process the transaction too.

One more important point to remember is the time for sending coins when you place the order for laundry. Usually, services provide users with 15-20 minutes to send money and if this is not enough, they will have to create a new order again.

Tumbling Bitcoins Safety Tips

How Bitcoin Tumbler Works
Since the number of scams in the modern world is overwhelming, one of the main questions that interest crypto holders is how to mix their digital savings safely. In fact, the main challenge for every person who plans to tumble coins is the choice of the mixing service, but there are several more things to consider to complete this process successfully:

  1. A higher privacy level can be achieved if you use VPN, Tor or any other private browser.
  2. Double-check all the wallet addresses and amounts before submitting.
  3. Delete all your mixing history from the service manually after successful completion of the process (if it is possible).
  4. Create not only new wallets but also new email addresses each time you are going to use a scrambler.
  5. Disable JavaScript to prevent the identification of your browser or malware downloads.

How to choose a reliable Bitcoin mixing service?

Summing up

A pseudo-anonymous character of Bitcoin transactions and a constantly growing number of tracking services and criminals who want to steal your funds confirm that Bitcoin tumbling has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Modern crypto users have to pay for their privacy though mixing fees do not seem very high if to evaluate what benefits users get using them. You can see that tumbling is a simple and scheduled process that does not require extra skills and experience. It is enough to try once to understand how easy it is to send tinted coins and get clean untraceable funds back.

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