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Best free VPN for Hotstar in 2020

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Are you a fan of cricket? Does Bollywood drive you crazy? A positive answer to any of these questions means that you surely know what Hotstar is. This popular live streaming service is top-rated and most-visited in India but many people from other countries would like to access this platform too since it is multilingual and offers diverse and high-quality entertainment. You will agree that it is not easy to find a live-streaming platform that will meet all your requirements and expectations, but Hotstar is one of the best solutions offering broadcasts of popular series and sports events existing online nowadays. Unfortunately, people who are not located in India cannot access this platform using popular browsers, so the only way out in this situation is to use a VPN service.

Look: this article will focus on the best free VPN for Hotstar that will open video fans access to the service no matter what part of the world they are located in.

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Why you can’t watch Hotstar outside of India

Hotstar is an online live streaming platform that belongs to Novi Digital Entertainment. This company is a subsidiary of Star India and the last one is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Launched in 2014 it offers different video content to users as well as broadcasts popular sports events including football, cricket, and kabaddi. It has become a unique project created for the Indian population since the only decent alternative to Hotstar is Youtube. In 2019, the service is reported to have over 150 million active users per month and The Walt Disney Company plans to expand Hotstar in Southeast Asia too. Naturally, people living in Canada, the UK and the US can opt for an international subscription but it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to pay for this service. US Hotstar will cost you $10 per month, while most of the content for Indian residents is free. Of course, there is a VIP subscription that costs $15 per year, but there is enough exciting content without it too.

The streaming of the Indian Premier League and other important sports contests allowed Hotstar to achieve considerable heights and attracted a variety of partners to gain unique domestic streaming rights. However, users whose IP address is located not in India are not able to watch the content since they see the following geolocation error:

“Videos on are not available in your region.”

The reason for that is the fact that Hotstar is blocked outside India. This geolocation block was applied by the platform mainly due to licensing issues since broadcasters do not want to lose their money in the international markets too. The last ones can sell their products to other platforms and channels and earn money on them, so it even encouraged Hotstar to deploy some roadblocks to prevent users from other countries from visiting the service using VPN services. However, not all Virtual Private Networks can be recognized by these blocks and there are ones that can pave your way to the best Bollywood movies easily.

Why watch Hotstar outside of India

You may wonder what sense there is to watch Hotstar if people have access to such great streaming platforms as Twitch or watch YouTube videos endlessly. However, it is enough to mention that Netflix, for example, shows only a couple of Indian series while there are hundreds or even thousands of them. Moreover, there is hardly any other platform that broadcast live sports events taking place in India. In fact, there are many reasons to watch Hotstar:

  1. It offers much unique content not available on other streaming platforms

    You might be surprised to hear how various content on Hotstar is. It is possible to watch movies, television shows, sports and music there. It has partnered up not only with the Indian Premier League but also with a large number of Indian filmmakers, let alone such well-known all over the world companies as HBO, Showtime, and Hooq. There are different sports to be followed there too including Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Football, Formula 1, E-sports, Martial Arts, Hockey, Athletics, Kabaddi, Golf, Swimming, and Table tennis.

  2. Free for use and offers two types of subscriptions

    Hotspot USA’s yearly subscription costs ten times higher than a VIP package in Hotstar India. European users do not have any alternative to Hotspot except for the UK where users should also pay money to get access to the platform. However, the main benefit of this service in India is being absolutely free to use if you want to watch series or TV shows that were already broadcast on television. Users who are interested in live streaming and series from Star’s Indian-language television networks can obtain the Hotstar VIP subscription, while access to premium international films and series is open only to subscribers of Hotstar Premium.

  3. Expatriates and other people who left India and live in other countries wish to access their local platform

    If you are a native Indian who has always spoken one of the multiple dialects spread there and have got used to local movies since childhood, it is natural that you will miss your favorite video entertainment if you have to move from the country. However, if you are able to watch Hotstar from outside of India, it will give a feeling of home and pleasure to every Indian working or living abroad.

  4. Available in English and local languages

    The fact that Hotstar is an Indian platform makes it clear why it is available not only in Hindi but also 7 regional languages used on the territory of the country. Naturally, there are few people speaking and understanding Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu, but billions of people know English and most of the content available on the platform is translated to this international language too.

  5. Compatible with many modern devices

    Hotstar has not only a web version but also applications both for iOS and Android making it a great destination for different users. Having been once developed as a platform for youth and targeted ads now users can access it anytime and anywhere.

  6. It features adaptive video streaming technology

    One more great advantage of Hotstar is dividing video of different quality. If your Internet connection is unstable which is frequently found in India, the video quality is adapted to the available bandwidth. It means that users even with a low-speed connection do not need to compromise their experience.

  7. Different additional features

    Both a web platform and applications offer a number of great features that make an online experience much more exciting and easy to access. The most significant ones are the following features:

As you can see, there are many reasons to get access to Hotstar if your IP address is not one of India. It is enough to check this service once to understand how easily you can find z video or live streams to your taste there, so get the idea of how to do that without much effort.

How to watch Hotstar from anywhere

Have you come to the conclusion that Hotstar is worth your attention? Doesn’t your VPN service provide you with access to the platform? It is time to understand how residents of different countries except for India can watch Hotstar on their computers and mobile devices overpassing any restrictions and blocks.

There are several steps to complete to get full access to Hotstar:

  1. Choose a VPN service with high speed and unlimited data, set it up to your device.
  2. Connect to a server located in India (you may also choose US, Canadian, or UK servers if you have or plan to subscribe).
  3. Clear your web browser cache, history, and cookies to prevent the mismatch in your location determined during previous sessions.
  4. Open Hotstar in your favorite browser, register on the platform or log in the existing account and enjoy!

One of the most important things to remember is the choice of the server. VPN services have servers all around the world but it is possible to watch videos on Hotstar only if you connect with a server located in India. Naturally, not all VPN services have servers in India, so their choice is limited too.

The best VPNs for Hotstar

VPN on smartphone

As you can see, it is quite easy to unblock Hotstar. The only thing you need is to choose a reliable and suitable VPN service. The main problem connected with this choice is the fact that most of them are paid and you cannot use them for free. However, sometimes it is possible to use the best VPN for Hotstar absolutely free of charge. Of course, you may face certain challenges and inconveniences because of that, but the result you get is undoubtedly worth your effort.

One more challenge faced by people who choose Hotstar proxy is the fact that the platform uses anti-VPN technology that can compare user IP address with a list of popular VPN servers and if there is a match, the technology does not allow watching the stream selected. However, if this is a powerful VPN that refreshes its servers on a regular basis, it can easily bypass this block and prevent users from being detected. We have compiled a list of powerful VPN services that will easily cope with Hotstar protection and allow users to watch their favorite streams free of charge.

Express VPN



The leader of all VPN services is, of course, Express VPN. It has already confirmed its status and is considered to be the best example existing in the modern market. It features the best overall performance and can boast the highest rating and a variety of positive reviews from its users. Express VPN has been used for watching Hotstar live streams by many sports fans and there is hardly any better service available to this purpose. You can easily bypass the restrictions and get stable and fast access to the platform without breaks. Moreover, the number of servers in this company is so high, that there are several servers located in India.

What is great about Express VPN is unlimited bandwidth that prevents you from the internet disconnection when you run out of data as well as round the clock support to answer your questions or provide necessary assistance any time of the day. Other great benefits of this VPN is no logs policy that is also great for user privacy online as well as ease of use: it will take no longer than a minute to set up a connection with a server and get access to the information you are interested in.

Being a cross-platform service you can use it not only on computers with Mac, Linux, and Windows but also on the mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. One more great reason to use Express VPN is the possibility to set up 5 simultaneous connections of several devices and enjoy your online freedom on Hotstar and not only.

You may wonder why this service has been added to the list of free VPN to watch Hotstar if there is no free version. In fact, it is possible to get up to one month of wonderful unlimited Hotstar experience if you buy a monthly package, use it for 29 days and request a money-back guarantee provided by the company. You will get all your money back despite the fact that your VPN experience was successful.




It is possible to follow all the novelties of Bollywood on Hotstar if you use one of the most powerful VPNs such as CyberGhost. It works fast and offers high-speed live streaming without interruptions. Thanks to unlimited bandwidth, there is no need to compensate on the quality of videos while over 5 thousand servers used by this service guarantee that a blocking system of Hotstar will not find any matches. What makes this VPN one of the best choices is its ease of use: even a child can easily protect the Internet connection and get access to foreign platforms thanks to it. CyberGhost masks your IP address and it has servers in India, so you can easily watch your favorite movies and sports. It features robust encryption as well as protects you from leaks of information. Moreover, it has an automatic kill switch feature and strict no-logs policy supports the P2P feature and 7 simultaneous connections. The selection of platforms it is compatible with is also quite extensive including not only Windows, Android, and iOS but also Linux, macOS, Chrome extension, and some routers.

Being such a powerful VPN service, it goes without saying that CyberGhost is not free. However, there is a 45-day satisfaction guarantee when you can get your funds back even if you have used this service – it is enough to claim them back. Every person can pay for one month of use and claim this money back within 45 days.




One more best free VPN for Hotstar is NordVPN that has combined all the great features of the best services existing today. Uninterrupted video stream is achieved thanks to a very high speed of the connection and no limits in bandwidth. It can boast multiple servers (over 5,000) spread around 59 countries and India is one of them. Consequently, users can easily find a server located in India from the list offered and get access to Hotstar without much effort.

One more great benefit of this VPN is SmartPlay technology that makes Hotstar experience much more entertaining. Acting as a Smart DNS service, it allows users to easily get through tough geoblocks without a necessity to change anything in the connection and device settings. Moreover, you can feel safe using NordVPN since it has excellent security features including high-grade encryption, zero log policy, and an automatic kill switch feature. It means that your fun on Hotstar can be left private even if you provide any personal details there. One more reason to use NordVPN is reliable protection from malware, pop-up ads, any other content you consider annoying or harmful. This service works perfectly on multiple platforms, mobile devices, and routers. You can even share your Hotstar experience with others since this VPN supports up to 6 simultaneous connections.

Naturally, you should pay for NordVPN to be able to use it. However, you can pay a monthly fee and enjoy this unique experience on Hotstar but never lose any dollar. The reason for that is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you can send a request to return your money within this period.

Private VPN



If you want to evaluate all the benefits offered by the streaming platform, you need a reliable VPN to watch Hotstar. One such good example is Private VPN with excellent characteristics and reviews. Like many other services, it is a paid one but you can get a free trial with all its benefits for 7 days. When you opt for this trial, you get complete privacy in accordance with the Swedish laws, no logs policy, IPv6 leak protection, the highest level of encryption, complete support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. What interests Hotstar fans most of all these are servers in 60 countries including Asian ones and unlimited bandwidth that allows watching favorite series as long as you wish. Moreover, VPN users get both a computer and mobile version of the service to enjoy a seamless streaming experience anytime and anywhere.

This VPN was established in distant 2008 and now can boast over 44 thousand happy users.

Private VPN can be used on different platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Kodi and many modern routers. With this service, Hotstar gets closer to people from different corners of the world since everyone can take advantage of an unlimited free 7-day trial.

Ultra VPN



How to get premium VPN services free of charge? Ultra VPN offers everyone to get 1 month of a free trial being able to experience all the advanced features it offers to subscribers. You get not only unrestricted and anonymous Internet connection but also absolute confidentiality and safety. The service has 55 servers some of which are located in India, so you can easily select one of them and enter the exciting world of Hotstar free of charge. You can use this VPN for Hotstar free and get a number of unsurpassed benefits. The first and one of the most important features of this service is a rock-solid connection that is activated quickly and features no bandwidth caps. Privacy and safety are guaranteed by military-grade encryption, zero-logging policy, and it works excellent on multiple devices for user comfort.

UltraVPN is a great choice for users who are going to get Hotstar free VPN and enjoy everything offered by the platform without limits. It has one great benefit over other services since you can watch Hotstar up for one month without paying a single dollar.

Hide Me VPN


If your goal is to reach US Hotstar, VPN is another proxy to let you watch your beloved series and contests. There are hundreds of servers in this VPN but only several of them can be connected to for free. A free plan includes servers located in US East and West, Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands, so it opens access only to the US Hotstar premium package.

If you have purchased one, VPN offers you 2Gb of data every month for you to spend about 2 hours watching your favorite movies every day. Paid versions of VPN allow users to connect several devices to it, but a free plan provides only one connection.

What are the main benefits of this proxy? Hotstar can be accessed easily thanks to the ease of its navigation and high connection speeds that guarantee a perfect picture. Moreover, you can forget about disturbing ads and malware as well as get professional support round the clock if you need it. Other positive sides of this proxy are strong 256-bit encryption, a reliable no-logs policy, and a feature of an automatic kill switch. You can also be confident that your personal details are secured from leakages and are open to split tunneling feature for better traffic encryption.




If you dream to get absolutely free access to all Hotstar platforms including Indian one, you are lucky to find a free VPN that makes it a reality, not only a dream. Naturally, it is necessary to understand that there will be certain limits but you will have enough time and bandwidth to follow your favorite series on a daily basis with TunnelBear.

This service has servers in 23 countries that are available for free users too and include India, so every person can set up this VPN and check what Hotstar is and what it offers thanks to it.

It is a cross-platform proxy operating on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. This service is used by millions of people since it guarantees the prevention of data and password thefts, access to global content, no IP-based tracking, local censorship bypassing and many other benefits. It was engineered for speed and utmost security as well as provided with strong encryption. If paid plans of TunnelBear offer unlimited bandwidth, a connection of up to 5 devices and priority customer support, free users are limited to 500MB of monthly data.

Other great features of this VPN are no logs policy, an always-on feature that allows being connected to VPN each time you use your device, vigilant mode to block all unsecured traffic, the possibility to choose the closest tunnel server for better speed and many others.




You will agree that it is difficult to find a powerful free VPN for Hotstar since most of the services want to get revenue for being used. Speedify is one more paid VPN but you can use it free of charge too. How can you do that? In fact, Speedify does not restrict its regular users in the speed of connection that is high and the quality of encryption achieved thanks to the use of AES-256-GCM but they must be ready that their favorite movie can stop working if they exceed a maximum bandwidth cap for free users that is 5 Gb.

Speedify is one of the fastest VPNs that can boast over 200 servers located in 50 countries. India is among these countries so you can easily select a necessary server for Hotstar. One more great feature of this VPN that can be used for free for a certain period of time is a kill switch function to protect user personal data even if the connection is broken. Usually, this feature is provided only by paid services.

Naturally, you cannot use Speedify to get permanent access to Hotstar if you are an avid movie fan, but you can still use it to satisfy your interest.

Proton VPN


Looking for unlimited data in free VPN service it is necessary to pay attention to Proton VPN. It is worth mentioning that users can access only US Hotstar using this service but there are no limits when it comes to the amount of time spent on streaming since data is unlimited.

Proton VPN is a Swiss product that has 628 servers in 44 countries. It features strong encryption, encryption cipher suites with Perfect Forward Secrecy, strong and secure protocols, etc. When it comes to the advantages of this service, they include no logs policy, DNS leak protection, Kill Switch and Always-on features, built-in Tor support.

It allows not only watching US Hotstar without limits but also stay anonymous online. Moreover, 10Gbps speed of connection makes this VPN perfect for broadcasting while the ease of use with one-click start does not require any special skills. Users can connect up to 10 devices to this VPN and get support if they have any questions or difficulties.

A free version of Proton VPN allows connecting only 1 device, get a medium speed of connection, and connect to the servers of only 3 countries.

Windscribe VPN



Being a product of the Canadian company Windscribe is one more popular VPN service that will open you access to Hotstar if you wish that. Currently, the number of servers operated by the company has almost reached 500. They are located in one 60 different countries and India is among them too. Experts agree that the closer a user lives to the company servers, the higher connection speed there will be. However, if to compare this speed with other VPN services, it can be hardly added to the top of the rating. One more important point to mention is the fact that users can access UK, US, and Canada Hotstar libraries free easily but there might be challenges when it comes to Indian Hotstar since these servers are not in the list of ten free ones.

Windscribe is one of the few VPN solutions that has a freemium package. It means that every person can use this service to watch streams on Hotstar and other websites, however, you should be aware of the fact that once this connection can be broken. The word ‘once’ in this sentence means the time when a user takes advantage of the total 10 Gb allowance given to him or her free of charge. It is enough for 200 hours of SD streaming. For further use of this service, it will be necessary to buy one of the packages.

One of the greatest advantages of Windscribe is a wide range of security features. It is known for using IKEv2 with a number of low-latency pairings and channel obfuscation tools, so you can be confident to avoid information leaks, undoubtedly.


Hotstar is a dream entertainment and live-streaming platform for many sports and Bollywood fans, but only some people can access it without difficulties and extra investment. One of the ways to do that is to get a free VPN service. Naturally, it is a challenging task to find a service with servers located in India and offering its high-quality solutions to bypass the website blocking system free of charge. This list of paid services can provide you with an opportunity to watch Hotstar without losing any dollar from your pocket, so take advantage of the information provided and enjoy your favorite streams and movies.

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