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How to get my husband’s text messages

“What are you typing there for more than an hour? Could you finally put your phone aside and talk to me?” Do these questions sound familiar to you? If the answer is positive, you are most likely to be sick and tired of your spouse’s unhealthy relationship with his messengers. Such behavior is suspicious, I understand. The first thing that comes to mind is “Our family life has got to the finish line. My beloved one is cheating on me! What should I do?” Keep calm, and verify your guessworks, first.

Instead of nurturing yourself with negative thoughts, you’d better find proof. You’d better ask yourself: “How can I get my husband’s text messages?” And here I come to the rescue and tell you how.

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4 Ways to spy on your husband’s text messages without any cost

track messages iPhone

If you are mentally ready to get to the truth, you should be armed with the correct tactics. Any psychologist will tell you that it’s much better to ask your husband directly what he’s hiding and why he has been staring at his phone as if bewitched lately. However, such a scenario is sometimes impossible. It happens that men are hard to induce to have a frank conversation. They just deny everything, accusing you of being an overthinker and drama queen.

Let’s listen to the folk wisdom that says: “If the person or thing somebody wants does not come to him, he must make the effort to attain what he wants himself!” In this case, to attain what you want, it’s necessary to know several ways to take over your husband’s phone and look through his text messages.

Manually, quietly, occasionally

This way won’t cost you a dime but it’s likely to wear you out. Emotionally. You will have to act like a thief, with great caution, and avoid leaving a trace.
Please note: you will have to know the password on your spouse’s gadgets to move this way.

All you have to do is to take your husband’s device while he’s in the bathroom or sleeping and scan all the hotspots. I mean Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Mailbox, and everything where the chatting may take place. Don’t forget to check the trash too. Sometimes, you can be lucky to get smth crucial out of there.

The main advice is not to do this every day otherwise you will form a harmful habit. Two times a week will be enough to get a full picture of your lover’s affairs.

If you have found nothing in his cell phone but still suspect your husband of betrayal, move on to the second method.

Txt Spy Apps

This way is so-called heavy artillery. Most men are skillful enough at sitting on secrets. Thus, you can’t do without third-party tools to see who your spouse is texting.

So, the truth comes out when specially designed apps get down to business. Most of them have a great variety of features for tracking smartphones. Each of the apps almost always has a text messages tracker. You will find a list of the handpicked tools to spy on your husband’s chats below.

Keep in mind: basically, such spying apps require payment. Nevertheless, there is a chance to use their services for free. Usually, they offer a trial period for several days. This may be enough to monitor your husband’s text messages far and wide.

Monitoring with the aid of a cellular provider

To be honest, I hurried up with adding this option as a free one to the list but chances are. The cellular providers carefully store all our correspondence and records of our telephone conversations in their databases. It’s not the easiest, but effective method to find out what your husband is hiding from you. However, it is worth remembering that this function is paid and the price is set depending on the service provider.

Make friends with a special forces agent

Law enforcement officials and other employees of similar organizations are capable of impossible. If you are acquainted with such a person, it’s in the bag. Frankly speaking, this is a drastic action that the most desperate people take. I included this way into the list like one of the possible. However, if you want to know my opinion regarding it, I wouldn’t recommend abusing power.

5 best apps to track your husband’s text messages

cheating spouse apps_iOS

I am going to hold a lamp up to the best apps to track your spouse’s correspondence. Choose the most suitable app to see who your spouse is texting, and find (or not) the evidence that proves your doubts.


This app is a great solution to spy on your husband’s gadget without touching it. Spyine allows you to remotely monitor various actions taken by your spouse. When it comes to text messages, using Spyine you will get access to SMS, FB Messages, as well as Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. This tool also tracks deleted messages, therefore, nothing will remain hidden. Spyine is a web-based application. You don’t need to install any tools on your husband’s phone but just link the app with his iCloud. All the instructions will be sent to you by email. Spyine offers three tariff plans to choose from. Check the prices and the features within all of them via this link.

Compatibility: iPhone, Android


Having a lot of various features within TTSPY, there is certainly a feature of getting your husband’s text messages. It is an advanced and trusted spy software that ensures 100% invisibility. Tracking text messages and getting access to a great variety of social networks are among the basic features. When I say “a great variety”, I mean not just Viber and FB but also Tinder, Tumblr, Kik, and others.
Compatibility: both iPhone and Android.

You need to have the iCloud login credentials of your spouse’s iPhone as well as have physical access to your spouse’s Android phone.

Price: $49.99/monthly

Keep in mind: TTSPY is one of the rare apps that offer a free trial.

Highster Mobile

The main purpose of this tool is to make cell phone monitoring simple, offering a lot of advanced features. Keep track of SMS, iMessage, and social media to catch your dear cheater with Highster Mobile. It’s easy to set up (just 45 seconds according to the developers’ promise), and easy to use. Start monitoring who your husband is texting just now. How long can you lose yourself in conjectures? Choose the plan that fits your needs and go ahead!

Compatibility: Android and iPhone


If you are wired to look through your partner’s correspondence, this is one more app to successfully accomplish this task. Rely on PhoneSpector, and get things done very quickly and easily. Once you have completed a set up, all the data from your husband’s phone will get to your online account. All the text messages either sent directly to the iPhone/Android smartphone or to the social networks will be available for browsing.

Get acquainted with the prices and all set of features here.


Minspy is another one-stop solution when it comes to spying on someone’s cellphone. This app provides you with much more than getting your husband’s text messages. However, let’s focus on this feature. With Minspy, you will be able to spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and track SMS to know for sure whether your beloved one is a cheater or not. Minspy offers three pricing plans to choose from. Familiarize yourself with them, and stay on top of your husband’s affairs.

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Tips and tricks on how to spy on your husband’s messages, and avoid being caught in the act

woman holding tablet

Let’s be realistic. It’s not that easy to be a spy if you are the one in the American movie. To succeed in this affair, you need to have a knack for cunning and dexterity as well as learn by heart the tips and tricks written by me.

While you were sleeping

It’s not just the name of the American romantic comedy, it’s also the tip on how to spy on the sly. If your husband is overprotective with his gadget, you will be able to seize power at night. No sleeping pills, please. It’s not worthy of endangering your spouse’s health. Be sensible and act while your husband is in deep sleep.

Take one of the gadgets under control

At present, one person owns several gadgets. A standard set is usually the following: a smartphone, a smartwatch, a notebook, a tablet. Could you arrange a situation as if your husband accidentally forgot one of his devices at home? I am sure you can. As soon as he has left the apartment, you need to look through the text messages very quickly. He can either change the passwords, come back to take his forgotten gadget, or remotely block it.

Get access to your spouse’s iCloud

If your beloved one is the owner of Apple gadgets, there is one more option to catch him red-handed. Lucky for you, iCloud saves backup data including messages that you are striving for getting. If you manage to find out his Apple ID and password, the road to the truth will become significantly easier.


This article has definitely answered the question of the hour: “How to track my husband’s phone without touching it?’ There are plenty of tools as well as other options to keep track of your spouse’s text messages and be aware of his each step. If you can’t handle doubts anymore, check him but remember that very few people forgive espionage.

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