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How to create a Bitcoin Mixer – Ultimate Guide (Source Code Inside!)

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Do you feel secure making transactions in Bitcoin? You should know that despite the fact that crypto transactions are often called anonymous, in fact, they can be traced in several simple ways: sharing personal data with other platforms, using deanonymization services, accessing the blockchain records and analyzing them etc.

Consequently, it is possible to stay confidential using Bitcoin only by undertaking certain actions. One of them is using a tumbler and pay commissions for that. However, there is an alternative to create your own scrambler and this article will tell you how to create a Bitcoin mixer without hiring any developers.

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How it Works

Most of the people would like that their transactions remained confidential, but crypto payments do not provide this benefit fully. Since all the transactions performed through the blockchain are recorded and become accessible to the public, every person can put a little effort and check whether you have spent your crypto coins on gambling or purchases in the adult toys store.

Bitcoin Mixer (tumbler, scrambler) is a platform which was created with the goal to disconnect the sender and the recipient of the coins in every transaction by mixing them. It means that the coins sent cannot be traced since they are exchanged for other coins, united and divided randomly with other coins from the pool and are delivered to the final address or several addresses with a delay. Development of such a platform will not only provide you with clean coins for every transaction and privacy but also will allow earning Bitcoin since a standard commission of such mixers is from 1 to 3%.

Preparing for the development

Since there are a variety of methods to mix and withdraw coins, this article will not provide readers with a ready-made solution to download and install. A developer can use not only his or her own coins to create a pool but also can attract investors or prefer to use only incoming coins, so the solutions used in these cases will be different. However, this article will tell about basic approaches to the development process, accepting payment, distribution of the transactions etc.

Considering security measures, it is possible to divide this project into two parts: the landing page and payout server (backend). If a web server is hacked, it will be impossible for a criminal to get access to the pool of coins. A server part will accept callback from the payment server, make payouts according to the timer, manage service funds.

It is quite expensive to raise a private Bitcoin node, purchase and maintain a powerful server, so it is more comfortable to use ready-made API (Application Programming Interface).
It is possible to use the following variants:

Let’s use a ready-made solution from Apirone. This service allows accepting all the incoming transactions free of charge and it is possible to indicate up to 255 recipients and pay a fixed commission of 0.0002 BTC ($0.7). It will be a perfect solution for the mixer since it can be easily customized and work almost on any server. Moreover, there is no need to send documentation and deanonymize yourself.

Wallets are completely anonymous and it is possible to create as many of them as you wish, without restrictions.

Clean Bitcoin must be stored somewhere so there is a necessity to create a Saving wallet.
It can be created using a simple POST request in JSON format.

In response, we get a result in JSON format where:

{ “wallet”: “8e9c53a62755bcc66e4d2aaae3a2af6d”, “type”: “saving”, “transfer_key”: “7j0ap91o99cxj8k97j0ap91o99cxj8k9”, “currency”: “btc” }

Wallet – an identifier of the wallet created;
transfer_key – a key for making payments and wallet management.

Landing page

Bitcoin mixer landing page

We will place the opportunity to pay one or several recipients at once in different percentages, and also give the opportunity to choose a service charge yourself on the landing page.

By clicking the Continue button, the addresses and corresponding percentages are saved as an order in the database.

For our existing wallet, we create a new bitcoin address for payment. We send the POST request in JSON format.

PHP code example:


In the URL, we change the page address before callback on this website. This page will receive all the information about upcoming payments.

‘invoice_id’ – an order number saved
‘secret’ – a secret code you have invented for additional security when you get data from the payment service.
$wallet – wallet identifier we work with

We can show a QR code with the Bitcoin address for a comfortable payment from the mobile phone.

echo ‘‘ ;

The payment sum can be any since this transaction will be divided by percentages.

Callback development

Callback page is required for accepting data about the transaction and performing business logics when you pay. BitCoin processing transfers a sum, address, hash transactions, number of confirmations and data provided by us in invoice_id and secret to this page. Data is transferred by the POST request in JSON format which faster and more comfortable.
We need a simple script to develop this page:


We strongly recommend making a payment only after at least one confirmation on the web.

Bitcoin payout. Backend server

After a client has confirmed the payment, we need to get a list of the payment recipients and percentages again. Then we create the JSON request for payment:

array(‘address’ => “1apiKcJM95jENZeom2dQo8ShK7dUQkRaS”, ‘amount’ => “52.57%”),
array(‘address’ => “1ApiwpetcWnBbkpU7cb7biPfc6Tiucasf8”, ‘amount’ => “47.43%”)

$api_base = file_get_contents(“” .
$WalletID . “/transfer”);

$curl = curl_init($api_base);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(“Content-Type: application/json”));
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, json_encode($json_data));
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$http_status_code = curl_getinfo($curl, CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);
$response = curl_exec($curl);

$decoded = json_decode($response, true);
echo “Transaction hash: ” . $decoded[“txid”];

In this case, we make a payment to two Bitcoin addresses in the corresponding proportions, without a commission which must be added to the list too.

How Bitcoin Tumbler Works

However, the commission of the payment will be fixed in this case being equal to only 0.0002 BTC. Bitcoin network commission is counted proportionally from the total transaction.

Attraction of Bitcoin investors and advertising

Every mixer requires a pool of coins which can be attracted together with investors who can take a percentage of your income. It is also possible to add a referral program and make payments for every client attracted to increase your client circle.

It is also possible to create a bonus system for bloggers and active users of social media giving some small prizes for active advertising. It can be a reward of several thousand satoshi, for example:

Creation of a Bitcoin Mixer is a perfect opportunity to check your organizational and manager talent so do not lose your chance to make a new quality startup!

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