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TOP 10 Paid and Free Cheating Spouse Apps for iOS and Android to use in 2021

Everyone has heard or said the following phrase at least once in his life: “Good relationship demands patience, trust, and a lot of work!”
To maintain a “healthy” atmosphere in a couple is not an easy task. Some people are ready to invest time and energy in their relationship, and they are maximally involved in the process. However, there are also exact opposites who prefer cheating instead of building a relationship brick by brick.
The modern world is full of temptations that are hard to resist. According to statistics, 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married men have ever had extramarital affairs. With the advent of social media and dating applications, emotional betrayals became more widespread, and are taken as seriously as sexual ones. Therefore, husbands and wives can’t help but check each other on the sly. A lot of psychologists and relationship experts say that there is no sense in doing this. That’s easier said than done, you know.

To make the lives of husbands and wives easier, we have handpicked the best cheating spouse apps for iOS and Android. If you have a feeling that your partner is cheating on you, try to use one of them, and spy like a pro.

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5 best paid and free apps for iOS to catch a cheater

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Here are the five best free and paid apps for the owners of Apple gadgets that will help to catch a cheater. Most of them are also compatible with Android devices.


Known as Family GPS Locator & Tracker, mSpy is a great tool to keep a sharp eye on your spouse. Launched in 2010, mSpy has already become one of the leading monitoring and protecting apps. Among the key features are GPS tracker in real time (the location is updated every 20 minutes, by the way), location history for the last 3 months, access to contact list as an opportunity to immediately spot suspicious newcomers.

If you want to track communication in messengers and social networks and all other movements on the Internet, you will have to pay for the Premium package. The tool regularly transmits the information to the server so that you can view it in the control center on the mSpy website.

There is one more nuance: you can get access to messengers if the device’s firmware has been modified.

Please note: you will be able to get maximum control over gadgets with jailbreak (iOS) and root (Android).

It’s quite easy to figure mySpy out. Just follow the help messages to properly configure the program.

How much? from $9.99, and the first 3 days are for free.

Any pitfalls? To install the app, you will have to know the serial number or the phone number of the suspect, or secretly install it on his/her cell phone.

Spy Phone App

This app has a similar set of features as the previous one. However, there is a thing that sets them apart: Spy Phone App is free! When it comes to features, it’s worth mentioning the following ones: you will be able to browse the contacts on your spouse’s cell phone, see GPS location data on a map, set boundaries, and get an alert when your spouse leaves the marked area. The popularity in the App store speaks for itself: 3.9 out of 5. The free version of the app allows you to install it on up to a total of 5 smartphones. A suitable option for those who have a harem of 5 spouses (joking!).Spy Phone App is compatible with both iOS and Android cell phones.

What else? Panic Button feature, Lost Phone feature, and an opportunity to track the text messages and apps that have been recently installed on your spouse’s phone.


Spyine is one of the most effective tools when it comes to tapping a cell phone remotely. Having a gazillion of features, none of the single actions by your spouse will go unnoticed. Among the highlights of Spyine, there is a call and location tracker, an opportunity to check call logs, social media spy (Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger), SMS, and website history track. There are several pricing plans to suit both personal and professional needs. Spyine doesn’t require jailbreak, therefore, it works with every device. As the developers of this app value privacy very much, you have nothing to worry about data leakage. It is kept to your account only.


If you are looking for a secure tracking and surveillance app to spy like a pro, take a look at Cocospy. Millions of users around the world have already appreciated this tool, primarily because it really works completely invisible to the subject under surveillance. What about features? Call tracker will assist you in checking who your beloved one talks to most often, SMS tracker will help you to monitor all incoming, outgoing, and even deleted messages, social media spy feature will give you an opportunity to stay on top of everything that’s going on within them, etc. Also, Cocospy tracks not only what’s happening on the iPhone, but the location of the smartphone itself. No rooting, no jailbreaking! You can either install the app on your spouse’s cell phone or find out his/her username and password for logging into the iCloud account, and fill in this data at the stage of setting up your account on Cocospy.

How much? from $10.83 for iOS and from $9.99 for Android

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile calls itself the tool to keep your children safe and employees productive. I will add from myself that it is a great solution to catch a husband or wife cheating on the phone. This cell phone monitoring software has a lot to offer: from providing you with Facebook and WhatsApp messages to the GPS tracker reports, from calendar activities to photos and videos, etc. One of the key features of Highster Mobile is the Stealth Camera that allows taking pictures of the surroundings where your spouse is currently in. As all the info is updated in real-time, once the app gets uninstalled, you will be immediately notified.

Any pitfalls? You need to install the app on your spouse’s phone. It means you have to imperceptibly use it.

5 apps for Android to track a cheating spouse

man cheating on a cell phone

Here are my finds of the apps for Android devices to catch a cheating spouse.


This spy tool is one of the best among Android cheating apps. Its key feature is FlexiSpy takes full control of the cheater’s device, keeping you on top of everything. Here are several features of this app: bugging and recording all calls, spying on social networks, spying on SMS, emails and photos, a keylogger that allows seeing everything that’s typed, and lots more. With the Premium plan, you will get access to the Tinder messages that are the main source of betrayal at present. FlexiSpy remains hidden on the gadget for you not to be worried about exposure. You will be able to track a cheating spouse for free for a few days with FlexiSpy.

Keep in mind: the app works for iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac.


Spyzie is a great Android monitoring app that has all of the features for spying on a cheating wife or husband. It has a pleasant interface and is easy to install and use. There is a single dashboard to keep track of location, SMS, phone calls, chats in messengers, website history, all in one place. You are able to use this tool with phones or tablets running on Android 4.0 and up.

Any pitfalls? You can’t remotely install Spyzie on your spouse’s smartphone. Physical access to the target device to start spying on is required.


The developers of XNSPY call this app fast, intuitive, and able to meet all the digital safety challenges. Having over 30 spying features, XNSPY works well for Samsung, LG, ZTE, and other Android devices. Using this tool, you will be able to check your spouse from head to toe. With its aid, you can get passwords for all accounts in social networks and messengers of your spouse. In addition, you will be able to investigate call logs, web browser, multimedia, and all other stuff. XNSPY provides all information that might be crucial to check. Having a stealth mode, you can stay calm and do not worry about unmasking. You can try a dem-version of the app or choose one of two paid plans.

Keep in mind: XNSPY works well for both rooted and unrooted Android devices.


This is one more tool to prove your spouse cheating. Hoverwatch monitors multiple mobile devices at a time (up to 5 gadgets) and makes sure for you to remain completely invisible. Among the features, there are tracking calls and messages, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber monitoring, front camera photo spying. In addition, Hoverwatch gives access to the Todo lists. Notes is a holy place for most people as they write down a lot of things there they care about. Choose a suitable plan with a desired set of features here.


Designed to supervise, manage and protect (yourself from cheaters), Qustodio is a good solution to track cheating spouses for free during the first three days. You will have to pay for this pleasure to use it further. Qustodio offers tracking messages and calls, pornography blockers, YouTube monitoring, geofencing, etc. Basically, this tool is more suitable for taking children’s digital activity under control. However, it can be also suitable for spying on your spouse’s affairs. Find out the prices via this link.


If you feel that your spouse is hiding something but you can’t ask him/her directly what’s going on, stop guessing. Use one of the cheating spouse apps from this list, and set your mind at rest. The finds might be disappointing and hurting. However, the bitter truth is always better than sweet lies. May justice prevail!

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