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10 cell phone signs of a cheating husband

It’s a well-known fact that women have good intuition and natural shrewdness. Also, they are observant and attentive, especially when it comes to a husband’s infidelity. It might seem at first glance that nothing unusual happens in a couple. However, a woman can feel even negligible changes on his part.

The greatest trick of male betrayal is that men manage to hide it under seven locks. Meanwhile, there is nothing complicated for a wife to find out if her partner is cheating. All she needs to do is to pay attention to his “relationship” with a cell phone. We spend so much time with mobile phones in our hands as if they became rooted in them. A great part of our life is literally stored in this small but smart gadget, and betrayals as well.

You don’t have to panic ahead of time but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Read further to discover 10 of the most common cell phone signs of a cheating husband. Forewarned is forearmed!

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10 cell phone signs to catch a husband on digital infidelity

man checking messenger

At the very beginning, I would like to mention that the signs described below are not the ultimate truth. Even if you managed to notice them in your husband’s behaviour, don’t rush to get upset and/or sort things out. However, in most cases, they are evidence of digital infidelity. It’s vital to keep your eyes wide open, and remain alert.

Your husband is very angry when you take his cell phone

It’s crucial for everyone to stand up for his private space. In modern society, a cell phone is one of those personal attributes that no one should touch except the owner. Nevertheless, this rule doesn’t apply to a couple. If they have nothing to conceal, there is no need to be overprotective of their gadgets.

So, if your husband becomes furious and gets irritated when sees that you have taken his cell phone, it’s a warning sign. Moreover, if he snatches it out of your hands and mercilessly scolds you, there is definitely something to muse on.

He has recently changed his password

If during the whole time of your relationship you had known your husband’s cell phone password, but suddenly he changed it for some unknown reason, this is strange, isn’t it? Why on earth has he done it? He might answer that the reason is security. Okay, let it be.

However, if he refuses to tell you a new password in every way possible, it is suspicious. Even if he sees that you are offended but continues to defend his “personal space”, it is most likely you have picked up the scent of a cheater.

Your partner always puts his phone on the table screen facing down

Have you noticed that your husband puts his cell phone face-down when you are close by? Perhaps, he doesn’t want notifications and calls to disturb him when you’re together. Some people do it for technical reasons: to avoid scratching the camera, for example.

However, there is also the flip side of the coin. Your partner can intentionally hide all his notifications and calls from you! Should you worry if your man behaves this way? Watch him for a while, and you will get the answer.

He prefers to go to another room to talk on the phone

As soon as you enter the room, he stops the conversation, and you hear “I will call you back”. Is it a familiar situation? Perhaps, this is a normal practice in your family, because your husband’s profession obliges him to behave this way. If he is a lawyer, psychologist, or investigator, there is no need to overthink.

You do have to be concerned if he always moves to another room for no particular reason to answer his phone calls. In addition, if you have managed to catch him talking in a whisper, and your presence in the room always makes him abruptly end the conversation, this is a red flag.

As soon as you notice such a doubtful activity that happens very often, it’s high time you turned into a true detective.

His time spent on social media breaks all the records

social media notifications

Yes, we are all glued to our screens these days but everything has a limit. It can be seen with the unaided eye that your partner devotes himself to social media more than to you. If he prefers chatting on Instagram to having dinner in a family circle, you should pick up your ears. Nowadays, social media is the place that prompts emotional cheating most often. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, your husband may have just got bored and wants to get “some fire” from another source. It’s unfair to you, therefore, you have the right to know why your husband’s rate of visiting social media is so high. The starting point of digital infidelity is usually Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on. Keep them under control!

The list of calls is always deleted

There are some people who adore complete cleanliness in their cell phones. They usually delete all the calls, unnecessary messages, and contacts saying that this kind of order helps them feel better. Does your husband make part of such a community of digital pedants? If this habit has been living with your beloved for years, there is nothing to worry about. However, if this is a newly acquired routine, I have a question for your husband: “What tracks are you trying to cover?” Cleansing a list of calls is one of the signs he is hiding something, or rather someone.

Your husband always takes his phone with him (even to the bathroom)

He always has an excuse to convince you that there is a vital need to carry a cell phone around with him all the time. The reasons are roughly the following: in the kitchen, he watches TV series; in the lavatory, he reads the news, and while having a shower he listens to music. Or not?

Cheating husbands and cell phones are inseparable. As soon as they part, chances are high that the hidden truth will come out. I don’t want to upset you, dear, but such affection for a cell phone is one of the telltale signs of cheating.

Messages notifications and previews are off

To secure all guarantees, a cheating husband is likely to turn off all the messages notifications, and moreover messages previews. He might persistently convince you that he did it so as not to be distracted from his priorities like work, education, family time, etc. Actually, your husband knows well that his mistress can drop a line at the most inappropriate moment when you are together. This might have unforeseen consequences down to excuses and telling the truth.

There are unknown and/or strange names on his contact list

I am sure you can easily distinguish suspicious names from ordinary ones on the contact list. Those men who lack creativity use numbers, abbreviations, or write just a single letter to name their side women. There are also more resourceful guys who come up with the following stuff: pizza boy, nurse (you don’t have children yet), dentist Kat (but his dentist is male), etc. Ask your husband to tell you who those strangers are. If he starts being defensive and refuses to explain, take your time and watch out for other signs.

Some messages in chats are obviously missing

It’s quite easy to notice that a conversation is incomplete, and it lacks some messages. Why on earth does your husband need to erase particular messages? I know only one answer: to hide emotional and/or physical betrayal from his curious wife. It is most likely that some suspicious actions had attracted your attention before you decided to check your husband’s messengers. Abrupt texting may just prove your surmises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over the questions you are most likely to ask yourself when dealing with cheating husbands and cell phones. It’s high time you figured out how to behave in this or that situation.

I feel like my husband is cheating on me. Should I check his phone?

sad woman and man

Female intuition rarely fails. If you have doubts about the marital fidelity of your partner, do not turn a blind eye to your presentiments. Nevertheless, I would not recommend you to immediately check his phone. You would rather be wiser, patient, and watch his behaviour.

Although, there are various life situations. If it happened that your ex or current was cheating on you and you lost confidence in the male sex, you will never sleep soundly until this issue is resolved. Talk to your husband, and tell him about your insecurities. If he dodges the question and refuses to continue a conversation, the best way to make sure what’s going on is to check his phone.

Keep in mind: don’t make a habit of checking your husband’s cell phone every other day. It’s better to have a little heart-to-heart, and never return to this topic again.

What should I look for on my husband’s smartphone to check if he is cheating?

If you made a decision to find out if your partner is cheating by checking his smartphone, you need to know what exactly it’s necessary to look at. Here is the list of points to snoop on:

What are the best apps to see if he’s cheating?

In addition to the ability to check your husband’s phone manually, there are special apps to see if he’s cheating. Take a look at the selection of the best ones in this case:


Having read this article, you know that it’s not complicated to catch someone cheating with their cell phone. You just have to be attentive and notice even the smallest changes in your partner’s behavior.

Women often tend to exaggerate, both good and bad things. Do not rush to track down all the signs in the behavior of your husband. After all, those who seek will always find.

Try to trust, because this is the key to a successful relationship. If the cell phone signs are too “loud”, check his phone, and exhale.

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