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BitMix.Biz Review 2020


The more people use cryptocurrency, the bigger number of them decide that the clarity and privacy of their transactions matter a lot. It leads to the appearance of the crypto mixing platforms are known as blenders and tumblers that allow exchanging tinted crypto coins for tidy ones and one of the leading scramblers that offer similar services to crypto owners is BitMix.Biz. You will agree that it is important to learn more about a tumbler before sending coins to it and this review will focus on all basic BitMix features.

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BitMix Overview

BitMix is a mixing service that operates with the goal to break the connection between the sender’s and recipient’s wallets. The service was launched in 2017 with the goal to preserve user privacy and help crypto holders use only clear coins without any transaction history.

BitMix supports three cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash. Users from different corners of the world can use this blender since its website is available in such popular languages as English, Russian, Chinese, German, Hindi as well as more rarely used languages including Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Korean, and Portuguese. A higher level of privacy and security are guaranteed by Clearnet, Tor, and NoJS support.

How Does it Work?

BitMix how does it work?

There is some difference in the operation of modern crypto tumblers, but BitMix is in the group of blenders that already have a pre-mixed pool of coins. It means that crypto owners do not need to wait for other clients who will also mix their coins to make up a general pool. As a result, there is a possibility to submit coins to the laundry and get them back to another address with a minimum delay. One more great BitMix benefit is no need to register to have your coins cleaned. It means that mixing takes a minimum of time since it is enough to complete three simple steps only: create an order, send coins, and get clear coins back.

Key Features

How to understand if a Bitcoin tumbler is suitable for you? It is enough to look at its features. BitMix has a number of characteristics that make it a trusted tumbler.

BitMix key features

Instant transfer

Being a trusted service to mix BTC, LTC, and DASH it delivers funds to the destination wallet instantly after you confirm the transaction. If any delay time is set up, coins will arrive immediately after it finishes.


No registration, no logs, encryption, multiple additional features allow users to be confident that the confidentiality of their transactions is preserved at a very high level and the chances to trace them are equal to 0.

Minimum commission

There is a possibility to set the fee manually and the minimum commission taken by BitMix is one of the lowest among other competitors.

Mixing code to prevent coin return

Many users return to BitMix tumbler time and again. However, when they use the services of this scrambler for the first time, they can copy a code that will prevent them from getting the same coins again. It is enough to enter this code each time they use this mixer.

Randomised option

One of the unique BitMix features is the possibility to receive coins to one destination address by means of several transactions. It will make blockchain analysis more complicated and contribute to the anonymity of the process too.

Affiliate program

BitMix offers a free Affiliate Program that allows getting 50% of the commission paid by the partner who ordered mixing services following the affiliate link. This is a lifetime opportunity that allows getting coins immediately after the transaction is confirmed.

Letter of Guarantee

Users who get a generated address to send coins too can also download a digitally signed confirmation that this address was truly generated by the BitMix server. Moreover, it contains an order ID that is a must-have if you need to contact customer support or check the order status.

No registration

BitMix services can be used by everyone directly on the website or following the onion link. No sign-up is required.

API for projects

Every project can claim BitMix API to use only clean coins paid by clients. Moreover, it allows developing a personal mixer on its basis too.

Multiple destination addresses

Users can distribute clean coins to up to 5 destination addresses to guarantee that the transaction is impossible to trace.

Delay time

One more way to hide transactions in the publicly available blockchain is to delay a transaction for some time. BitMix allows completing the mixing process instantly or delaying it up for 24 hours.

Minimum of confirmations

Unlike other mixers that require multiple confirmations, BitMix offers users to complete laundering of not big sums making only one confirmation. However, larger amounts require 2, 3 or even 6 confirmations too.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

BitMix service has supported only two coins including Bitcoin and Litecoin, but recently, DASH was added to the list of accepted cryptocurrencies too.

How to Mix Coins using BitMix.Biz

When you decide to use the services of a Bitcoin mixer, it is necessary to access the platform first of all. Crypto holders can open a standard website version in any browser, or follow the onion link as well as use the Tor browser for higher security.

No matter in what way you access the platform, it is necessary to select a Mixer in the upper right menu to continue the process. You will be redirected to the page to fill out the following details:

  1. Unique code (if you have one).
  2. Destination address(es).
  3. Percentage distribution of coins among these addresses (only if you select more than 1 address).
  4. Set a delay time.
  5. Choose the service fee.
  6. Tick if you agree to randomize output addresses.
  7. Accept Terms of Service.

When all these details are filled, it is necessary to press the Start Mixing button and want for the laundering process. If a user has a discount code, it is possible to enter it by pressing the respective button. This page also offers an opportunity to Check Order Status by entering the order ID.

Watch a video on how to use Bitcoin Mixer:

BitMix.Biz Fees

BitMix blender fee is customizable. A user can select any fee from the range between 0.4% and 4%. According to the platform, the higher this fee, the more trusted sources of coins including exchanges, investors, and so on are used for the mixing process. Users should also remember that the use of every additional output address will cost them 0.0005 BTC.

One more important point to consider about the fee on BitMix is more attention to the anonymity of the transaction. Customizable fee decreases chances to determine the sender’s and destination address because it will be more difficult to analyze the blockchain.

Minimum Deposit

This Bitcoin mixing service is one of the most popular ones thanks to low minimum deposit limits. It is enough to have 0.5 BTC/ LTC/ DASH to have your coins cleaned. When a user wants to take advantage of a randomize option and receive several transactions to one address, the minimum mixing amount is higher: 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC.

Log Policy

The main reason why people opt for the Bitcoin tumbler services is a desire to stay anonymous making crypto transactions. Therefore, it is a great advantage that BitMix does not keep any logs. Moreover, the platform uses hard drive encryption and removes all the transaction details in 72 hours. Users can also delete this information manually making a request on the order page.


BitMix has an informative FAQ section on the website where users can find responses to many questions connected with coin laundering. However, if you face any issues or can’t find information on the website, it is possible to contact customer support by email.


BitMix is a legitimate tumbler where you can mix Bitcoin and two more coins taking advantage of different measures that will increase the security and privacy of the transaction. If you need to get rid of tinted coins or remain confidential in the blockchain, this service can be a great assistant.

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