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How to Choose Bitcoin Scrambler for Coinbase


If you are a crypto holder, you probably use an exchange platform, don’t you? Coinbase is a trusted and reliable crypto exchange but even the use of this platform does not prevent your transactions from the possibility of being traced. Therefore experts advise using a Bitcoin scrambler for Coinbase – a simple way to protect your transactions through the platform from tracing.

You will agree that there are chances that user’s crypto transactions can be followed by other people and even a possibility to find out the name of the crypto wallet owner. However, if you do want to stay anonymous, mixer services will heal you to achieve this goal.

Look: this article will tell you about several examples of BitCoin mixers for Coinbase and how to use them to get a desirable result.

A Bitcoin scrambler (mixer or tumbler) is a company or platform which offers mixing services for making every crypto transaction you make untraceable. It means that a certain number of Bitcoins you have in the wallet are sent by the holder to the tumbler platform to mix them with coins of other users as well as the pool of coins owned by the company. As a result, all the traces of these coins are lost and it is impossible to find out who was a sender and a recipient of funds. At the same time, the same amount you have sent is delivered to the final destination with a short delay (up to 72 hours). Naturally, Bitcoin scrambles take a small commission for the services of making your coins untraceable, but the effect is unquestioned.

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Reasons to mix Bitcoins for Coinbase

Not all Bitcoin holders would like others to know about their digital savings and possessions. You may wonder how can anyone know about that? In fact, despite being called anonymous, BitCoin transactions can be traced. They are recorded by blockchain and can be accessed by everyone. After that, these transactions can be compared with the history of others, personal information provided on other platforms, and as a result, a certain wallet can be easily associated with a certain name who turns out to be its owner.

Coinbase is one of the websites which requires verification of users so when you provide your personal data to the exchange, you risk making it available to everyone on the globe. If this highly secure exchange is once hacked, your transactions can be easily associated with your personal data. However, the use of mixer makes every transaction unique and it is impossible to learn who is a sender or recipient of tokens.

Another reason to mix Bitcoins for Coinbase is a desire to hide your transactions from everyone. Are you a keen gambler? Do you want to make a gift? In some life situations, it is important to keep privacy and a tumbler has been created especially for this purpose.

How to mix Bitcoins from Coinbase

Though it may seem a challenging process, Bitcoin tumbling is a simple and fast process especially for a person who orders these services. However, it can be performed only if you have a BitCoin wallet and funds on it. In fact, it is necessary to complete several important stages to complete mixing.

  1. Choose a reliable mixing company
    Today, there are dozens of online services offering BitCoin mixing solutions, but not all of them can be trusted. There are scammers who accept funds of their users and never deliver them to the final destination, so it is important to prefer trusted companies with a big pool of coins.
  2. Open its website, register an account if necessary, and choose ‘Start mixing’
    You can see a button on the landing page of every service and begin the process. Some platforms require registration and depositing funds to the account created, others may provide mixing services without that.
  3. Complete simple steps offered by the platform including:
    • Set the amount to mix;
    • Enter addresses to distribute your Bitcoins (if necessary) and the final destination or several of them to deliver funds to;
    • Select the pool and time of delay;
    • Send funds to the address provided by the platform;
    • Withdraw funds from the account if there is any.

When you have completed the process, you will be provided with a letter of guarantee that your Bitcoins have been accepted by the platform and will be delivered to the address indicated.

It goes without saying that you can send your coins to another address only after you pass the verification process and submit the transaction through your crypto wallet.

One more important point to mention is the possibility to mix your own Bitcoins without sending them to anyone else. Is it possible? If you have purchased BitCoin on Coinbase, for example, but do wish to mix them, it is necessary to create another wallet that will serve as a final destination for your funds or use a service that allows mixing coins through the account created and then withdraw them back. Do you want to achieve a higher level of confidentiality? Use the Tor browser for all your transactions too.

Services which offer crypto mixing

If you are going to tumble BitCoin for the first time, you need a trusted scrambler to start with. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of BitCoin, the number of mixing companies is also increasing. However, there are popular tumbler services which have already deserved the trust of many crypto holders and can be called leaders of this market.

1. BitcoinFog

This tumbler company has been in the market for over 5 years already and suggests mixing Bitcoins in the internal pool. Here you need to register an account, deposit Bitcoins to be mixed, and withdraw them in some period of time to the wallet. The commission is from 1% to 3% per payout.

2. BitBlender

Launched in 2014, this anonymous scrambler also requires users to create an account and start mixing Bitcoins directly on the platform by sending to 5 different addresses after depositing them. It is possible to withdraw your tumbled Bitcoins to up to 10 addresses simultaneously. The commission is from 1% to 3% per transaction.

3. CoinMixer

This trusted tumbler does not require users to register on the website. It is enough to enter the final addresses to send clean Bitcoins to, set the delay time (up to 120 hours), enter Captcha code, choose how to deliver coins (through QR code, entering the amount manually, following the link, etc.), send coins and download a letter of guarantee.


If you are a Coinbase user and do not want anyone to trace your transactions and find out the owner of the wallet, it is a necessity to use a scrambler. This tool offers improved confidentiality of the transactions and guarantees every user of utmost confidentiality.

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