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Bitcoin Laundry Review 2020

Bitcoin Laundry

Does it sound unbelievable that 87% of all Bitcoin transactions can be easily traced? You will agree that it is too much for a coin that was developed as a completely anonymous one originally. Therefore, the use of a mixing service today is a necessity rather than luxury since it is the only simple way to clean your coins and make them untraceable. One of such scrambler services is Bitcoin Laundry – a relatively new but gaining pace incredibly fast tumbler with minimum fees. Learn more about Bitcoin Laundry is this detailed review.

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Bitcoin Laundry Overview

Unlike many other tumblers that can boast extensive experience in the market of mixing services, Bitcoin Laundry entered this market in 2019. However, the platform has attracted a big number of customers very quickly thanks to very low transaction fees, excellent security, and ease of mixing process. Now it is a trusted player in the crypto mixing industry, so it is important to understand what features have made it highly competitive and demanded. At the moment, the service supports 4 languages including English, German, Spanish and French for comfort of its users.

How Does it Work?

Bitcoin Laundry is an online mixing service with its own platform and pool of coins. A user who wants to get rid of tinted coins and break any connections between wallets can open the website and start mixing coins immediately. There is no need to register or pass through any verification procedures to clean Bitcoin. However, it is necessary to register one of several destination wallets to deliver clean coins to if you do not plan to send them to anyone else.

Key Features

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry has a number of features that make it not only competitive but even outstanding in the market of mixing services.

How to Mix Bitcoins using Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry

One of the benefits of this tumbler is the simplicity of a mixing process. It is activated by the ‘Start Session’ button. In fact, a user will see only two pages during the order of mixing services:

  1. Page 1 will ask to enter a recipient’s address to deliver funds to and select the type of transaction including instant or delayed one. It is possible to select a delay of 3, 5, 12 or 24 hours or choose ‘Delay’ for a service to select the random delay time. Under the bar with the wallet address, you will also see the ‘Add Address’ button to extend the list of destinations addresses up to 5. When you press it, you will be also added a box next to the address line to enter the percentage of funds to be delivered to it. You will get to the next stage pressing the ‘Clean Bitcoins Now’ button.

    Bitcoin Laundry

  2. Page 2 is called Check Mix. It provides users with several portions of information including:
  3. A session ID to be copied;
  4. Deposit address and its QR code to send coins to (the transaction is valid for 2 days);
  5. General information about the transaction including its details;
  6. User input payment (shown after being processed);
  7. Output transactions;
  8. Delete mix option (with a red button).

In fact, a user should copy the address generated and send funds to it. There is a 2-day time limit for this procedure. Depending on the delay time selected, funds will be delivered to address(es) selected either almost instantly after depositing or in a period of time selected for a delay.

It is possible to check the status of the transaction if you press the ‘Check Session’ button in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the session ID provided.

Bitcoin Laundry Fees

The transaction fee of the service is equal to 0.0% no matter what amount of cryptocurrency you want to mix. The only extra funds you pay from the amount mixed is 0.0002 BTC for every destination wallet address selected.

Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Laundry has a minimum and maximum amount of the deposit accepted. All the deposits below 0.0015 BTC are accepted as donations, while a maximum deposit amount should not be over 230 BTC per transaction.

Log Policy

The service features no logs policy. Users can delete the transaction history immediately after ordering a mixing service or all the data is deleted automatically in 7 days.


The service team is committed to guaranteeing users a top-notch mixing experience so it is possible to get in touch with the customer support representative using a support page if something goes wrong. You should choose ‘Support’ in the menu located at the top of the screen and fill in the form provided. It is necessary to enter the following information:

You can send this message using the ‘Send Now’ button below.


Bitcoin Laundry is another easy-to-use mixing service accepting tinted Bitcoin. Its greatest advantage in comparison with other scrambler services is the absence of a transaction fee. Moreover, it also guarantees such useful features as no logs policy, multiple addresses, high security level, instant and delayed transactions, so it is a competitive tumbler undoubtedly.

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