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10 Best Anonymous Web Browsers 2020

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Have you ever thought about how much information about you the Internet and third parties have? Modern people got accustomed to sharing personal information and only some of them think about the possible consequences of these actions. Probably, you have already noticed that a great deal of this information is gathered by your web browser. It knows everything about your interests, tastes, let alone usernames and passwords. Could you ever think that this information can once be used against you? You will agree that privacy is important for not being tracked and one of the ways to achieve it is to use the best anonymous web browser. Which one to choose you may wonder?

Look: this article will tell you about the most reliable and private web browsers to use in 2020.

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Why do you need an anonymous browser?

A web browser is a user assistant that helps people to find the information they are interested in and often, this information turns out to be quite embarrassing to share it with anyone. However, if we use a non-secure web browser, we should understand that it records certain aspects of our identity without notifying us or asking for our permission. If you do not use a VPN service looking for information via your non-anonymous browser, you should understand how much and what details of your identity are collected and might be shared with the third parties:

  1. Your location and IP address.
  2. Internet connection quality information.
  3. Social media profiles, preferences, interests.
  4. Hardware used.
  5. Cookies telling about your interests.
  6. Search history.

This list is not full, but the amount of information available is enormous. If to collect tiny details considering all these and many other aspects, it is possible to get a clear picture of the user identity and use this data for different illegal activities including thefts of the financial information and even funds. That is why it gets clear why the anonymous browser is a necessity in the modern world, so it is time to select the one you like.

Top Anonymous Web Browsers

People enter the Internet several times a day, so it is important to be protected doing that. Anonymous browser is one of the ways to keep your identity secure and prevent being involved in scams and other cybercrimes.

Modern browsers can be used not only on computers but also on mobile devices, so it is important to understand what platforms they support and what kind of protection is guaranteed when you use them.

1. Brave Browser

Brave browser homepage

Looking for a secure, fast and private web browser you can pay attention to Brave. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android and has been created with the purpose to block data-grabbing ads and trackers and increase not only privacy but also the speed of surfing the web.

Developed by professionals who worked on Mozilla and JavaScript coding language, Brave is a revolutionary browser built on Chromium. Nowadays, it is mainly used on mobile devices and can boast more than 10 million downloads. One more great feature of the Brave browser is letting users take advantage of Tor right in the tab – it is a guarantee of utmost privacy too.

Being an open-source software Brave is developed by a huge community and is financed by donations and tokens received by users who watch privacy-respecting ads.

2. Tor

The name of the Tor browser is one of the most popular ones. It is often associated with the utmost protection and can almost replace VPN, but how does it work and what level of protection does it offer? Let’s find out some details.

TOR is an abbreviation translated as The Onion Router and referred to a special network that protects user identity online. In fact, all the traffic is directed to the Tor network that has a 3-layer proxy and it passes through all three levels of protection. It is important to remember that the Tor browser does not identify your location via IP address like other browsers, so you will open pages in different languages since they are not adjusted to your preferences.

Being one of the top anonymous browsers TOR is a computer browser suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but Android, iPhone, and iPad.

versions have been added recently too. It has a number of features that make is the highest-rated anonymous browser:

One of the main benefits of this browser is flexibility. Users can download the application not only to the device they use for accessing the Internet but also to USB or any other hardware and protect their online experience on any device they use.

This browser is an open-source software created on the basis of Firefox code and is considered the most secure one. It is funded by donations made by people.

However, Tor browser features a couple of negative features including:

3. Epic Privacy Browser

The second most reliable browser that is built on Chromium and was developed to protect your privacy is the Epic Privacy Browser. Its privacy mode is always on so you can be confident that closing this browser you also get rid of the history of searches too. It is also possible to switch on the Epic’s encrypted proxy for the utmost protection.

The browser was developed in India and it has a number of features that make it outstanding:

There is nothing difficult in using the Epic browser. It is downloaded and installed as ordinary software and reminds Chrome in its functionality. It does not send referrer header data and prevent RTC from getting access to your IP address. You are also secured from URL and address bar tracking. Your passwords, cache, history, databases, and much other information are deleted immediately when you close a browser. Moreover, the speed of your connection is the same as if you were using any other browser.

This browser can be used on Windows and Mac and differs from other ones by not using specialized ‘onion network’.

4. SRWare Iron Browser

What about using the browser of the future? SRWare Iron is a free browser renowned for its privacy and security. It can be used on 4 most popular platforms such as Windows, Android, Linux and Mac and features the Blink rendering engine and many further optimizations to provide you with one of the fastest browsing experiences. There is no URL, RLZ tracking, error, installation reporting characteristic of Chrome though this software is also built on the basis of Chromium. Moreover, you can forget about the suggestions provided when you search for anything and alternate error pages when you make mistakes typing the address.

SRWare is a finding for Chrome fans since it is almost its copy but with privacy features.

5. Comodo Dragon Browser

Do you want to get an all-in-one browser similar to Firefox and Chrome but with cybersecurity? Comodo Dragon is your best option. There are two versions of Comodo anonymous browser:

These are fast, versatile and safe web browsers that guarantee users unsurpassed speed, friendly user interface, ends crashes and broken windows, etc. Ice Dragon is provided with the function of scanning for malware, lightning-fast page loads, compatibility with plugins, etc.

Both of them prevent download and browser tracking, stop cookies and other Web spies and provide privacy and performance enhancements too.

Comodo is the best anonymous browser available on Windows and Mac and its domain validation technology can differentiate between weak and strong SSL certificates to guarantee an excellent level of protection.

6. Idyll Browser

Being a feature of the Utopia ecosystem Idyll browser can be used for secure web surfing within the Utopia network. Since the last one is based on a P2P network, it allows hosting and transmitting any sites and web services to fellow Utopia users.

Idyll has been developed with the goal to make a search within the Utopia network easy and fast. It can be installed only along with Utopia software ensuring privacy and protection against data leaks of your operating system.

The browser was created on the basis of the Tor browser with certain features of the Firefox browser.

7. Waterfox

Thinking of growing the web your way? WaterFox is the best browser for anonymous browsing with the following features:

Waterfox is one of Firefox’s varieties without any connection to Mozilla. It can delete all the information you have provided browsing at the end of the session and block trackers. It can be used on Windows and Android.

8. Firefox Focus

Mobile users should value privacy at the same level as computer ones. Firefox Focus is a number-one choice for Android and iOS users who respect their online identity. This mobile browser stops trackers and prevents the appearance of ads. Moreover, it deletes all user personal information, so no passwords, history of searches, cookies are stored on the device – they are immediately deleted. It is enough to tap a trash can icon and all the data is erased.

Users can improve their online security by blocking certain website trackers by categories. For example, it is possible to block only ad trackers, analytics trackers, or social trackers as well as all the groups together. There is a shield icon tapping which you can find out which tracked have been blocked.

The browser also has an enhanced tracking protection feature for blocking cookies and trackers with extreme granularity. Consequently, only some of the cookies that really track you will be blocked, not all of them. Other optional features such as blocking web fonts and changing the default search engine can be activated too.

9. Ghostery

What is the best anonymous web browser for iOS? Ghostery that has been recently acquired by Cliqz is a perfect solution. It is a mobile browser that guarantees the excellent speed and great security. It is an open-source product that has certain features of Firefox and offers the following benefits:

  1. AdBlocker is built in the browser to remove ads and clutter as well as decide what to do with trackers being able to block and unblock them.
  2. There is a privacy search engine called Ghost Search developed by Cliqz company and keeping search results anonymous.
  3. A special feature called Ghost Mode can prevent you from being recorded in the history of websites you have visited.

Naturally, Ghostery can be used both on Android and iOS and has over 10 years of experience with 7 million active users per month. Using this browser you not only increase your loading speeds but also can customize who, what, and when to block thanks to Advanced Analytics & Custom Blocking features.

10. DuckDuckGo

Many people know DuckDuckGo is a free search engine that can be set up as an extension to other browsers, but it is also important to remember that it also offers mobile applications that can be used as secure browsers. In fact, it is one of the best anonymous web browsers for Android and iOS that block trackers, advertisement, and analytics. In some cases, it also encrypts the Internet connection and allows users to bookmark platforms they liked.

This browser has a similar to Firefox icon pressing which users delete all the browsing history. Moreover, this browser does not remember any logins and passwords as well as checks the Privacy practice information of other websites before connecting you with them. It is a great solution for mobile devices since this type of online engagement must be secure too.

Private Browsing Without Changing Habits

Chrome Browser

If you do not want to choose the best incognito web browser and change your favorite browser for anything else, it is possible to make it more private adjusting stricter controls. Naturally, it will be impossible to achieve the highest level of security and be considered a complete solution, but it will enhance your online security and decrease the amount of personal information collected and shared with others.

1. Mozilla Firefox

When you enter the privacy and security settings of your browser, it offers you several ways to improve your anonymity level. You can remove websites from the address bar suggestions, delete logins and passwords, use a Master Password to protect stored logins and passwords, set up alerts for breached websites, opt for enhanced tracking protection, etc.

2. Google Chrome

If you do not like the fact that Google follows you everywhere, you should adjust your privacy settings in accordance with your preferences. You can do it not only for your computer version but also a mobile one, but these adjustments should be made separately. Google’s privacy settings offer users two options:

There are two different sections to choose from to adjust privacy settings for both options. Moreover, you can turn off the feature that automatically connects your Google account to Chrome and send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic.

One more way to prevent tracking using Chrome is to switch on the incognito mode.

3. Opera

If you are a fan of Opera but want to feel more private using it, you can also check these browser settings and make necessary amendments. One of the most secure solutions is to connect Opera to the TOR network and be confident in your absolute anonymity. However, you can also block ads and cookies, switch on VPN feature, select private browsing, clear personal data, be warned about suspicious websites and even block access to dangerous content, send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic, etc.


It is not a secret that most of the modern browsers used have privacy settings but only some of their users have ever looked through them, let alone adjusted anything there. Moreover, these privacy settings do not guarantee users the best level of their identity protection, so it will be much better if you change your customary browser for an anonymous one. Naturally, you will need some time to get used to a new private browser but you can be confident that this process will be fast and effortless. We have prepared a full list of anonymous browsers to consider and choose the one that will meet all your privacy, ease of use, and convenience expectations.

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